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All Accurail kits are HO Scale unless otherwise noted.  Intended for ages 14 and up
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1200 Series Multi Car Sets1200 Series Multi-Car Sets

6500 Series Pullman Standard 4750 Grain Hopper  Pullman-Standard 4750 Grain Hopper

8300 Series 40' Steel Reefer8300 Series 40' Steel Refrigerator Car
8500 Series 40' Plug Door Steel Reefer8500 Series 40' Plug Door Steel Refrigerator Car
2000 Series ACF 3-Bay Hopper2000 Series ACF 3-Bay Covered Hopper

2300 Series Canton Car Co. Twin Hopper2300 Series Canton Car Co. Coal Hopper

2400 SERIES USRA 55-Ton Coal Hoppers2400 Series As-Built USRA Coal Hopper
2500 SERIES USRA 55-Ton Coal Hoppers2500 Series USRA Coal Hopper
2700 SERIES 55-Ton Wood Side Hoppers 2700 Series Wood Side Coal Hopper
2800 SERIES 55-Ton Panel Side Hoppers2800 Series Panel Side Coal Hopper
3100 SERIES 40' Plug Door Boxcars 3100 Series 40' Plug Door Insulated Steel Boxcar
3400 SERIES 40-Foot PS-1 Boxcars 3400 Series 40' PS-1 Steel Boxcar
3500 SERIES 40-Foot Single Door Boxcars3500 Series 40' Single Door Steel Boxcar
3600 SERIES 40-Foot Double Door Boxcars 3600 Series 40' Double Steel Boxcar
3700 Series AAR 41' Steel Gondola 3700 Series AAR 41' Steel Gondola
3800 Series 40' Combo Door Boxcar 3800 Series 40' Combo Door Steel Boxcar
4100 SERIES Wood Boxcar with wood doors and wood ends4100 Series 40' Single Sheath Wood Boxcar w/Wood Doors & Ends
4300 SERIES Wood Boxcar with wood doors & metal ends 4300 Series 40' Single Sheath Wood Boxcar w/Wood Doors & Steel Ends
4500 SERIES Wood Boxcar w/metal doors and ends4500 Series 40' Single Sheath Wood Boxcar w/Steel Doors & Ends
4600 Series 40 Foot Double Sheath Wood Boxcar 4600 Series 40' Double Sheath Wood Boxcar
4700 Series 40 Foot Stock Car4700 Series 40' Wood Stock Car
4800 SERIES Wood Refrigerator Cars   4800 Series 40' Wood Refrigerator Car
5000 SERIES 50' Single Door Boxcars 5000 Series Single Door Riveted Steel Boxcar
5100 SERIES 50' Plug Door Boxcars  5100 Series Plug Door 50' Riveted Steel Boxcar
5200 SERIES 50' Double Door Boxcars  5200 Series Double Door Riveted 50' Steel Boxcar
5300 SERIES 50' Combo Door Boxcars  5300 Series Combo Door 50' Welded Steel Boxcar
5400 SERIES 50' Double Plug Door Boxcars 5400 Series Double Plug Door 50' Steel Boxcar
5500 SERIES 50' Superior Door Steel Boxcar  5500 Series Superior Door 50' Steel Boxcar
5600 SERIES 50' Exterior Post Boxcars  5600 Series Exterior Post Welded 50'Steel Boxcar
 5700 Series 50 Foot Welded Boxcar w/low ladders  5700 Series Single Door Welded 50' SteelBoxcar
5800 Series 50 Foot Welded Plug Door Boxcar w/low ladders  5800 Series Plug Door Welded 50' Steel Boxcar 5900 Series 50 Foot Welded Double Door Boxcar w/low ladders  5900 Series Double Door Welded 50' SteelBoxcar
7500 Series Offset-Side Triple Hopper7500 Series 70-Ton Offset Side Triple Hopper
7700 Series Offset-Side Twin Hopper  7700 Series 50-Ton Offset Side Twin Hopper
 7000 Series 40' 6-Panel Wood Boxcar with Wood Doors & Ends7000 Series 6-Panel Wood Boxcar w/Wood Doors & Ends 7100 Series 40' 6-Panel Wood Boxcar with Metal Doors & Ends7100 Series 6-Panel Wood Boxcar w/Steell Doors & Ends
7200 Series 40' 6-Panel Wood Boxcar with Wood Doors & Metal Ends7200 Series 6-Panel Wood Boxcar w/Wood Doors & Steel Ends
9400 Series 89' Partially Enclosed Auto Racks 9400 Series 89' Enclosed Auto Rack
89' Open Auto Racks 9200/9300 Series 89' Open Auto Rack
9900 SERIES 45-Foot Highway Trailers
9900 Series
Highway Trailer
8900 SERIES 89-Foot TOFC Flat Cars 8900 Series TOFC Flat Cars
Limited Run Multi-Car Sets Limited Run and Multi-Number Sets
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