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Accurail UPC Codes for Retailers

For Accurail, the first check digit and set of five digits should always be 6 80859

The next set of 5 digits is the item number.  A 5-digit number obviously fits exactly.
4-digit stock number should have a '0' put in front of it.
In the above example, item number 6500 should become 06500

The last check digit is generated by the item number.
See the below files and instructions for generating new UPC Codes.
Microsoft Excel or some other spreadsheet program will be necessary to use them.

Excel file of Accurail products with UPC Codes [AccurailUPC.xlsx]
This file is contains all (or at least most) Accurail products as of 2019.  It includes the stock number, product name/railroad and UPC Code with check digits automatically generated.  Please note that this is not an in-stock list, merely a fairly comprehensive list of products past, present and future.  Some items may be missing.  The below file can be used to generate a UPC Code for new or missing items.
Excel file UPC Code Generator [UPCcalculator.xlsx]

Use this file to generate a UPC code for any Accurail item with a 4-digit or 5-digit stock number.

Note: It is vital to enter a 4 digit stock number into the 4 digit item number row, or a 5 digit stock number into the 5 digit stock number row.

If you accidentally enter a 5 digit stock number into the 4 digit line (or vice versa) it will throw off the calculation and generate a bad UPC code as a result.