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HO Scale Kits

Trainfest 2019 Special Releases - November 9 & 10, 2019 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Only one car remains after the show.  Carling's Red Cap Canadian Ale Wood Reefer

Green Bay & Western Auto Parts Boxcars (Sold Out)
Two 40' PS-1 Boxcars (Sold Out)
One 50' Double Door Boxcar (Sold Out)

40' Wood Reefers
Carling's Red Cap Canadian Ale
Okray Produce Company (Sold Out)
Packerland Packing Company (Sold Out)

Wisconsin & Southern ACF Covered Hoppers (Sold Out)

Milwaukee Road 40' Rib Side Boxcars (Sold Out)


1-2 Cars $20 Each

3-6 Cars $19 Each

7-12 Cars $18 Each

13 or more $17 Each