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HO Scale Kits

FOR DIRECT ORDERING, PLEASE USE THE NEW ACCURAIL WEBSITE (Decal Renumber Sets can still be ordered here)
Accurail® Decal Renumber Sets $4.00

In the past, re-numbering a kit required the modeler to find matching paint, paint over the existing number, find decal numbers that are a close match to the lettering on the car, and then piece together a new number. We can offer a better solution.  Accurail's decals are printed over a base of car color and are a match in style and size to the graphics printed on the car.

Please note that Accurail's decals are road numbers only.  View a typical decal sheet

Merely cut the new number out of the sheet and apply it directly over the existing number. In one easy step, the old number is covered and a new number is in place.
Each re-number set includes enough numbers to change at least 12 individual cars.  Or even more if you should wish to cut the numbers up into smaller sets.

This service has been offered on all new production since 2001.


Decal Instructions:

  • Carefully cut out the decal and, holding it with a fine pair of tweezers, soak in warm water for approximately 30 to 45 seconds.  Possibly a little longer if the decal does not soften quickly enough.

  • Take the decal out of the water and slide it off the backing paper onto the car's surface where you wish it to be placed, moving it very carefully so that it doesn't tear.

  • When in the correct position, gently blot off any excess water with a tissue or soft paper towel.

  • Setting solutions such as Micro Sol(tm) or Micro Set(tm) can be safely used to make Accurail® decals conform more closely to irregular car surfaces.
  • Let decals dry completely before applying a finish or fixative such as Dull-Cote or a Gloss Coat to 'seal in' the decals, otherwise they will come loose.

  • If decals seem too delicate or want to break up after cutting/softening with water, we recommend applying a coat of Spray Lacquer or Microscale's Liquid Decal Film over the entire decal page and letting it dry before cutting.

Please note that not all decals will remain in stock indefinitely.  Changes in paint and printing ink formulation over the years may eventually make matching some colors on older kits impossible.  This will typically (but not exclusively) be the case on cars with road numbers that are colors other than Black or White and/or cars with unusual paint colors.  We will try to keep them in stock as long as possible, but at some point, matching them closely enough will not be economically feasable and those decal sets will have to be retired.